Client Reviews

This is what clients have to say about Competence Zone’s NZTA registered Instructor – Neil



“Knowledge, Experience, & Confident are the words that struck me when I concluded & passed my CBTA for my Restricted Licence with Neil.
Neil is certainly very competent, encouraging, and an excellent teacher.
I would 100% recommend Neil without any doubt to a possible motorbike rider.”
G.S Singh
Review Received: 06/04/2020
Note From Neil: Mr Singh was assessed prior to the Covid19 lock down. His review, as published was received during the Lock down period. No coaching or assessments was conducted during the lock down period.

Tue 2020/03/03 05:45

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when preparing for my BHST. I’ve ridden motorbikes in the past but never road bikes. Neil was fantastic at building the foundations, refining a couple of bad habits and genuinely had the best interests of building skills to help me a rider, not just for the test. Highly recommend”

James Robertson 



“Hi there, I had a great session with Neil.  I did the basic handling skills test and found Neil to be very professional, friendly, safety conscious and encouraging.  He is there to get you to pass and is very patient and thorough and kind.  I was able to have a bit of a break between the lessons and the actual test ride which made all the difference to keeping calm and riding on.
I definitely recommend using Competence Zone.”


I had an awesome time learning and gaining my BHS certificate with Neil. He’s very knowledgeable and patient with teaching. Look forward to getting my restricted! 

Pete Marsden


Wed 2019/10/23 05:39


What can I say about Neil and Competence Zone? Awesome pretty much sums it up for me, I went to Neil for the Returning Riders Training. I had not ridden in a couple of years, so before just jumping back on the horse I thought it would be a great idea to do a little refresher course. Well I can tell you it was the right decision to make.

Neil asked me what experience I had and how long I had been off the saddle, taking that into account he make the two hours to make me feel a whole lot better riding in and around the Auckland area, along with tip and new techniques to help me in ways that I hadn’t thought possible. I had no idea the way I had been riding was so “poor”. Neil gave me so much more confidence in such a short time that I am going to be going back with him to sharpen up my riding skills even further.

the advice that Neil gave was easy to understand, with excellent communication roadside and on the open/urban areas. The next step for me when ready will be the Advanced Rider Training in the very near future, “maybe after a couple more Refresher Courses.”

Thank you so much Neil for all the advice, and I look forward to using your company again in the very near future.





Dear Neil

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am to have taken a Course under your wings.

To say that I was shocked at the intensity and engagement of the training is an understatement. I am amazed at the volume of knowledge that you successfully pumped into me in such a short time.

Your methodical and structured style of training and attitude is a credit to you. Most important of all, your altruistic intent for us to ‘learn and understand’ and become a better and safe rider has been evident all through, right from the beginning, through to the end. I must offer my sincere gratitude to the pains that you took to deliver the course and hone the message of being a “Confident and Safe Rider”.

You have taught me things about riding and safety that I had never even thought about before, not only that, but you dedicated some real time to MY TRAINING i.e. pin pointing my vulnerabilities and you made sure that my safety procedures was second to none.

The training with you was extremely enjoyable. Your instructions were easy to understand, and your radio equipment was crystal clear.

Neil, once again thank you so much for the excellent training; it has been an absolute pleasure meeting you and learning to train with you. I look forward to recommending you to as many people as possible.


I am currently doing some premium coaching with Neil, getting ready for my restricted licence. I am confident and going for it soon. Thanks for the very valuable upskilling sessions, Neil!



I started off wanting to ride a motorcycle but not knowing how to. I contacted Neil who taught me how to ride a bike from the very basics. His patience, knowledge, skill building training sessions and encouraging attitude made me confident enough to go and get my Basic Handling Certificate and my learners licence thereafter.  I totally recommend him!